Increase your sales
  • Schedule maintenance appointments in advance with the customer & vehicle,
  • Print or email reminders letter,
  • Send newsletters and promotions by e-mail,
  • Increase bay occupation,
  • Improve customers communication :
    •  text  message two ways,
  • Diversifies your service with module for
    • rental, glass, used car, tire, fleet, repair, anti rust and more...
  • Increase profitability by implementing a part & work order strategy.


 Save Money & Time
  • 3 to 7 time/year inventory turnovers,
  • Warranty management,
  • Core and return management, 
  • Go paperless with the signature pad and document management, 
  • And many more time and money saving functions.


 Save Time
  • Efficient work scheduling,
  • Performance reports on sales and technicians in one click,
  • Quick link to parts search and downloads with major parts distributors such as
- ACDelco,
- Auto Value,
- Bestbuy,
- And 96 others.


  • Easy to implement and quick to master,
  • Design to import data from other software programs,
  • Multi user capability,
  • Very user friendly.