«GEM-CAR is so simple, that you can master it in less than a month.… All the areas you need are accessed from the Point of Sale page; Reminders, Tire storage, Customer history, Account receivable, etc...»
J. St-Louis, Auto 2000 Garage - The Specialist
«There really is no age limit for moving forward! We used to do every thing by hand. Today, from invoicing to inventory, we use GEM-CAR for everything... »
Renald Gaudreault (age 64), Suspension Lavoie , a Tech-Net shop.

«Before using GEM-CAR, I used to spend about 4 hours a week on billing.
Now it only takes a few minutes…»
Sebastian Laflamme, Owner,
Garage   a Tech-Net shop
« I enjoy the flexibility of GEM-CAR and the real time access to the Uni-Select pricing and inventory. The large simple icons and user friendliness make the End of Day procedure a simple click and finding mistakes a quick and easy task... »
Steve Poulin, Grenier Poulin Garage - Uni Pro

«GEM-CAR is stable and fast : all our customer information is on hand. Making an estimate or work order is child’s play with the direct link to Mitchell...»
Robin Gagnon, Owner, R.G.Expert Inc - Uni Pro
«GEM-CAR’s simple yet detailed invoice allows us to present and justify to our customers all the parts and labour for each repair or procedure...»
Bernard Poisson, Bernard Poisson Garage - The Specialist

«Without ever leaving the multi-function Point of Sale page, you schedule appointments, make estimates, get detailed work orders,
order parts on-line and invoice…»
Guy Pelletier, President,
Tsunami Consulting auto repair shop management.
« I like GEM-CAR because it is truly user friendly and having the customer history makes me more efficient. I also like the fact that I own the software! »
Louis-Martin Pedneault, Owner, Mecanic Center Services.