Since 2001, GEM-CAR has become a North American leader in shop management software with thousands of shops in Canada and the USA.

Top reasons to change repair shop management software

Be ready for FREE TIME and more profit.

10 GREAT REASONS to switch to GEM-CAR

1. Coaching

Thanks to training and coaching session, not only do you get to learn at your individual pace and priorities, but you will use over 85% of all the functions offered by GEM-CAR.

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2. Passion

Our team’s passion & dedication to our customers and product was rewarded by being nominated by Profit 100 magazine as a finalist to the magazine’s annual Top 100 fastest growing companies in Canada.

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3. Profit

Customers using 85% or more of GEM-CAR’s functionality have been proven to increase an average of $1,000 in profit per work bay/month.

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GEM-CAR is not just a billing software for garages:

- It is an easy to master Auto Repair Shop Management System (SMS) and the most complete solution.

- We are the first software company to offer, under one roof: SMS, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and digital inspection.

- When choosing to implement GEM-CAR software in their business, shop owners are actually crossing an important threshold in their commitment towards their customers, their staff and their business.

- Our unique approach and software solution help our customers to save time, increase sales and streamline their operations.

- GEM-CAR is mainly used in an automotive shop, truck center, boat shop, bike repair shop, tire store, and transmission repair center.

Discover GEM-CAR by modules


GEM-FIX: Your integrated mechanical information software

Logiciels d'information mécanique sur GEM-CAR
Calendrier de rendez-vous pour ateliers et centre automobile


GEM-CALENDAR: A powerful shop calendar


sms logiciel garage

GEM-TEXT: Reminders to consumers with text messages MMS/SMS


GEM-WORK: Integrated mechanicals Inspections

GEM-GLASS - mensualité

GEM-GLASS: Windshield shop management

GEM-TIRE : essai gratuit

GEM-TIRE: Increase profit with tires 


GEM-FLEET : Truck your vehicles fleet management


GEM-UNIVERSITY: Training on the shop management software


GEM-MOBILE: Gem car app and videos

GEM-CLOUD: Hosting and backup services

Pad de signature électronique - mensualité

GEM-PAD: easy and legal electronic signature


Yes, you can keep your existing accounting software

We are pushing data via GEM-CONNECT to:
QuickBooks, Acomba, Simply Accounting, SAGE 50

Napa Autopro award winner talks about GEM-CAR

GEM-CAR is an easy to master Auto Repair Shop Management System (SMS), a software designed for the automotive, fleet, boat, bike, truck & tire industry. When choosing to implement GEM-CAR software in your business, you actually cross an important threshold in your commitment towards your customers, your staff and your business.

GEM-CAR testimonials about our shop management software

GEM-MECHANIC - free Virtual Agent build in GEM-CAR

GEM-CAR is the first Shop Management Software to offer you free videos: GEM-MECHANIC series. They were designed to facilitate a sale at the counter by showing your customer a short video that will explain the maintenance/repair to be performed on the car.