The card processing terminal simplifies the card payment. It automatically sends the card type used to pay to GEM-CAR (e.g.: Debit, VISA, Master Card, etc....), reducing the risk of errors.

Furthermore, this service is offered to you at competitive rates. For any question, contact us at  1-866-848-8282.

Our terminals  are shipped pre-configured. Only a few steps will be required to set it up in GEM-CAR:

  1. Connect a network cable (for internet access) and power to the terminal,
  2. Turn it on by pressing the button above the [1] key,
  3. Press the yellow [] button to activate the "Listening" mode and write down the IP address displayed on the screen.
    • If you miss the IP address, press the red button,
    • Enter the 6-digit code "000000" and press again the yellow button.
{slider=GEM-CAR Configuration}
From the main menu, go to Configuration > Local configuration:

  • Go to the "General data" tab, 
  • Go to the last section on the right "Payment Terminal",
  • In the "IP Address" field, enter the IP of the terminal,
  • In the "Port" field, enter "9999",
  • Click the disk to save,

the first time, GEM-CAR will ask you to setup the "Card type" of your payment methods that require a card. Make sure to setup all the ones that require a card so you don't see that prompt again in the future.
  • Click "OK" to continue,

  • In the top section, select a card-based payment method,
  • In the bottom section, select the "Card type" that corresponds with payment method selected above,
  • Click the disk to save,
  • Repeat these steps for each card-based payment method.

At the payment window "Receive payment"...

  • (1) In the right section "Payment terminal", GEM-CAR will automatically insert the invoice amount,
  • (2) Click the "Send" button to send the amount to the terminal,
  • (3) GEM-CAR will wait for the terminal to process the payment,
  • On the terminal, complete the transaction with your customer,

  • Once the transaction is completed on the terminal, GEM-CAR will automatically put the amount received in the right payment method based on the card type used by the customer,
  • Close the invoice in GEM-CAR with or without printing.

You can see a list of all the transactions from the "Receive payment" window...

  • Click the "x transactions" button, (x = quantity of transactions),
  • A section will open below and display the transactions list with the date, card type and amount.

This report will be printed from the terminal and will include a report of the transactions of the day. Follow the next steps to print it:

  • From the Point of Sale, click the "F10 E.of D." button (or press the F10 key on your keyboard),
  • At the bottom left corner of the window, click the button to print the report,
  • The terminal will automatically start printing.
  • From the terminal, click "Menu",
  • Press "1 - Settlements",
  • Type it the administrator password ("000000" by default),
  • Press "OK" to go through the prompts until the batch is closed.
  • From the terminal, click "Menu",
  • Press "3 - Setup",
  • Press "1 - Option",
  • Type in the administrator password (000000 by default) and press "OK",
  • Select a language by pressing the / arrows,
  • Press "OK" to go through the prompts and apply the changes.

To activate and access your account for the on-line reports:
Contact us if you don't receive your account information after registration.

Here are the reference guides and the user manual from the manufacturer (in PDF):