By default it is impossible to know the cost of a labor before the Job is completed because :

• We do not know who will work on the job.

• And how long will the technician take.

In order to have as accurate an estimate as possible, the cost of a job in an estimate is calculated as

• The planned time is copied in real time

• By multiplying the real time by the hourly rate of the bay / technician, we got the cost

Tip: The hourly rate of the "Unassigned" bay / technician should be set at the average salary with marginal benefits.

As soon as a technician is on a job, the estimated real time will disappear to leave a place for the time actually done via the punch.

The cost is calculated by multiplying the reel hours by the cost entered in the technician's bay.

Tip: If your technicians only are pointing to a job because they are in "Flat rate", make sure that they quickly point to the jobs; all jobs on the work order to reset their real time to 0 otherwise the real time on which they did not show will remain equal to the scheduled time. The overall cost on the whole work order will be inflated.