In an ideal world, all products used as workshop equipment are billed with their cost. So the calculation will be the most accurate and will be reflected automatically in the sales report. But when is it if you use the automatic% on an amount of labor or parts?

- Based on the part you use in the% of the workshop material

- Inventory value of workshop equipment from 2 years ago - last year

  •  Ex 13000 (2017) - 7000 (2018) = 5000 (increase your material cost by $ 5000)

  •  If it's negative, you have stored more workshop equipments, so your cost has decreased ...

  •  Ex Grease: go from 2 pots to one

- Group all your purchases in workshop equipment from the previous year either by your general ledger post code or your

categories (Yes you must have one or more dedicated categories)

- Add or remove the value of the inventory change

           Ex purchase $ 17,000 with a drop in inventory value of $ 5,000: so the cost is $ 22,000

- Take a report with the sales of your product "SS" configured in the general information under the 2nd tab.
Tip: he must have his own category

- (Selling - cost- adjustment of the inventory value) / selling.

- Go to the general information menu under the 2nd tab.

- Adjust the profit margin on your workshop equipment and save.