Discover why perfect Fleet Management Software is GEM-FLEET !

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Here is a list of some of the key features:
  •  Repair history by unit
  •  Returns and core management
  •  Mileage and cost report by unit
  •  Fleet management 
  •  Digital inspection for truck & trailer & bus
  • Group discount management
  • Truck work order
  • Survey by vehicle
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Electronic punch clock
  • Inventory management
  • Bar code label printing
  • Alternate part
  • Automatically bill for shop supplies
  • Truck management file with accessories
  • Kit management

With our fleet management software we can manage your vehicle fleet and equipment to control your inventory needs for them.

GEM-FLEET will streamline the scheduling and services due for regular maintenance and the cost of parts and labor time used to maintain them. This would include a breakdown of cost per mile and hour by the unit to assist in managing the age in operation and cost of ownership for older units.   

Inventory cycle counts are simplified by using bar code readers. Yes you can run our software on tablets and use it on the cloud if desired. 

Pictures of equipment on the work order and parts make finding the correct piece of equipment and matching parts from the stockroom simplified.

In conclusion ask for a demo to discover how GEM-FLEET can assist you in minimizing costly breakdown and cost per mileage analysis.


Digital color inspection software to run in your shop 




GEM-FLEET free demo: Fleet management software for your repair shop.

Yes, It's also a billing software for truck repair centers!