This FAQ will help you understand better the performance by work bay / technician report. To look at this report, follow these next steps.

Generate the report

From the main menu, go to "Reports > Performance",

  • From the left, in the list of "Available reports", Select "Performance report by work bay",
  • Enter a period with a "Date from" and a "Date to",
  • Select a technician by checking the box next the name,
    • If no selection is made GEM-CAR will include all by default.
  • Select one of the ways hours are managed options:
    • With punch, if you are using the punch clock (selected by default),
    • Without punch, otherwise.

A technician that has a job assigned to him (or her) on a closed invoice on a specific day automatically accumulates 8 hours for that day.

The best way to manage the performance by bay is to use our powerful Punch Clock module.
  • Select one of the ways hours are invoiced:
    • Door rate, and enter the Rate (selected by default),
    • Quantity.

Each job has a "Required time" in their inventory file (in hours or decimals), depending on your preferences. You can change these setting in Configuration > General information (from the main menu):

  • Check option 9 - Display time for appointments in decimals,
  • Click the disk to save.
Hours are calculated using the "Required time" of the job multiplied by the "Quantity" sold of that job.

  • Click the printer to display the report.

Explanation of the fields

Available (AVL) Time

Total time (generally 8 hours/day) that a technician is available in premise excluding lunch.

Actual Time
Time that the technician is working on income producing work
  • Including comebacks, company vehicles if they were punched in a work order (WO)
  • Excluding comebacks, company vehicles if they were punched in an internal job (E-time)

Sold Time
Time that customers are charged for.

E-Time (Expensive Time)
Non-productive time of the technicians.
The total of Actual Time (making money time) and E-Time (losing money time) = the total available time of a technician for the day.

Amount of time in a day that a technician spends actually working on cars (income producing work).

Calculation  = Actual Time divided by Available Time

How fast a technician is.

Calculation  = Sold Time divided by Actual Time (Remember that it doesn't pay the bill)

How much time of the day that was sold.

Proficiency is a mix of Productivity & Efficiency. If your proficiency is low, it is caused by low Productivity, Efficiency or a combination of both.

Calculation  = Sold Time divided by Available Time

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